Production Enhancement

Flow Assurance

Low temperatures and high pressures encountered in deepwater facilities, risers, subsea wellheads and flowlines can lead to the formation of hydrates, paraffin waxes and asphaltenes that can block flow of produced oil. At Scomi, we aim to prevent such costly blockages because they may interrupt production leading to expensive remedial operations to clear lines. We can draw on our expertise for deepwater operators to utilise flow assurance methods to prevent these problems.

Pour Point Depressant

Pour point depressants (PPD) are high molecular weight polymers or wax crystal modifiers, which are used to modify the wax crystal structure. This type of chemical significantly reduces the pour point, viscosity and yield stress.

We are capable to perform the viscosimetry and flow simulation in test loops to evaluate the pour point properties and design the appropriate PPD for your crude.

Paraffin Inhibitor/Wax Inhibitor

Paraffin inhibitors are used to prevent the formation of paraffin deposits by modifying the crystal structure of the paraffin particles.

Deposition of wax can have a drastic impact on the production of crude oil. The precipitation and deposition of wax in flow lines and pipes can lead to flow restrictions and complete blockages. Over time, this will reduce the internal diameter and eventually block the line. It can also result in pressure increase in the line, decrease in well’s production rate as well as formation damage.

We have developed a new generation of wax dispersants, which in addition to the classical dispersing activity in the bulk of the oil; it also has a distinct effect on metal surfaces. Our product is a synergistic blend of ionic surfactants, which adsorb onto the surface of the equipment and make them oleophobic. Consequently, the waxes will not be able to settle on the surfaces and remain dispersed in the crude oil.

Asphaltenes Dispersant

Asphaltenes are kept dispersed, or peptised, in crude oil by resins which may desorb when thermo dynamical conditions change, resulting in flocculation of the finely dispersed asphaltenes. This creates a more or less hard deposit that is difficult to remove.

Hence, with our proprietary know-how and patented asphaltene chemicals we maintain asphaltenes dispersed in crude oils. The strength of the link formed is dependent on the asphaltenes structure and the composition of surfactants. So, our method is based on the adsorption of surfactants or polymers onto the surface of asphaltenes. With this technique in conjunction with special solvents system for asphaltene disolution, we aim to achieve three main objectives; to clean the completion, remove any asphaltene induced formation damage, and finally to impede any further depositions using continuous injection.

Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor

Formation of gas hydrates in multiphase flow under certain pressure and temperature conditions (Hydrate range) can plug a line in a matter of minutes. Our kinetic hydrate inhibitors are polymers that dramatically delay hydrate crystal nucleation and growth. Use of our low dosage products is an economically sound alternative to alcohols or glycols injection.

Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibitors are used to prevent scale formation and/or build up in oil wells and in surface facilities. Generally, formation brines have high scaling tendencies. Once the scale is formed due to mechanical or chemical means, it is difficult, expensive and not always possible to remove the scale. We offer an effective scale inhibitor for controlling calcium carbonate and sulphate scales. It is a highly effective anti-precipitant as well as an excellent dispersant combination. Our scale inhibitors can be used in water injection and oil production

Drag Reducer

Polymeric drag reducer increases the flow capacity of crude oil or water pipelines. Our oil or water soluble drag reducers will increase flow rates by 25-50% over existing conditions, long term and continuous, application, reduces corrosion and erosion, no major capital investment, low operating cost, environmentally safe (contains no alkylphenols.)

We provide a complete package for drag reducer applications such as pipeline simulation, full lab services, equipment design and fabrication, engineers/chemists for field trial and project start-up and monitoring.


Defoamer/antifoams are used to stop or control foaming problems occurring naturally or as a result of a treating program in the oil and gas production systems.

Foaming arises under various conditions, e.g. the presence of microbiological matter or chemical impurities. In some water injection systems, foaming only occurs when the deaerators is treated with a batch of biocide. Fully comprehending this, we specially formulate our defoamer/antifoam which can be a non-silicone based antifoaming agent to prevent foaming in deaerators and aqueous systems. Therefore, our defoamer/antifoam is not only notable for its excellent defoaming performance but also for its minimal effect on the particle count of the injected water.


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